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Welcome to the home page of Chance 4 Children, or for short – C4C! Thanks for stopping by!


If you love children, then we have something in common already. We here at Chance 4 Children (C4C) believe that children are the hope of the future. Each one is precious and distinct, just waiting for his or her chance to fulfill their destiny and calling in life. In keeping with this, our Motto is, that:

Every child deserves a chance!

That applies especially to children who are disabled or socially disadvantaged, institutionalized or terminally ill – children at risk and less fortunate than others! Since 1996 the Chance 4 Children team has invested much time and resources into developing and implementing innovative programs, which are aimed at making the playing field a little more level for children with one of the above mentioned handicaps.

C4C currently oversees three popular and separat initiatives:

Robin Hood (Aid for Orphans)

Springboard to Life”  (Education for Orphans)

-  “Dr. Clown (Since 1999 the Czech Republic's first & original Hospital Clown initiative)

These programs have won distinguished awards and have succeeded in decisively improving the quality of life of thousands of needy, disabled and disadvantaged children, helping them to live up to their full potential.

Incorporated under Czech law as a non-profit, humanitarian civic association, C4C provided since its inception over 600 million CZK (30 million USD) in aid and services to more than 120 homes and institutions with resident children in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Says Karel Heller of Ceska Lipa, former Vice-president of the Association of Czech Orphanages, of C4C's programs: "The Chance for Children team never seems to run out of new and innovative ideas to help enhance the quality of life of our children. C4C’s humanitarian and educational programs have certainly made a big difference in this country."

On behalf of the children receiving assistance through our programs, we'd like to express our heartfelt thanks to our partners, sponsors and all of you who helped to make our work possible! Your contributions, sacrifices, and your unselfish giving is very much appreciated. THANK YOU!


We hope that you'll enjoy browsing through our website. Especially our Photo Galleries and News sections can help you to quickly familiarize yourself with our work and activities! We appreciate any and all feedback, suggestions and other reactions to our materials. You can reach us under the following e-mail address: mail@c4c.cz


We've opted to keep this site trilingual, English, Czech and Slovak, which has resulted in a fair amount of translation work. We decided to make English the default language, because of its international character and universal appeal. If you happen to come across a link that hasn't been translated yet into Czech or Slovak, the text will therefore appear in English. We are constantly updating and adding to this site and will hopefully soon catch up. As the articles are drafted in English first, the English text will take precedence over the Czech version. Thank you for your understanding.


News & events

Meet C4C's Big Ear - Bara Neuwirthova!

Bara is C4C's resident psychologist, lending a listening ear to children living in orphanages in the greater Prague area.

Would the real Dr. Clown please stand up?

Dr. Clown signing cooperation agreement with Dr. Clown? Confused? Read on...

After nine years up and running – welcome to C4C’s Vitamin Team!

It’s been recently brought to our attention that, of all the different activities which make up the wide spectrum of C4C’s activities, one of the least visible is probably our “Vitamin Team”! It’s also stubbornly being underreported on. Well,...

The journey from Clown to Hospital Clown: What is the difference between a clown and a medical clown? Answer: Empathy, playfulness and improvisation!

C4C hospital clowns receive Advanced Medical Clown Diplomas after a series of professional workshops, culminating in a weekend of seminars with Belgian ‘Clowns without Borders’ co-founder, Kevin Brooking.

QUESTION: What does it take to make every hospitalized child in Slovakia happy? ANSWER: 13 full pallets of LEGO toys!

C4C’s Dr. Clown team distributes LEGO toys for thousands of hospitalized children to 47 Slovak hospitals and clinics.

Where can one find action, teamwork, thrill and lots of fun - all in one?

Answer: Try the TEPFAKTOR! It's one for all and all for one! Just in case you never heard of it (hard to believe), before reading on....

Facebook: Here comes C4C!

In case you’ve missed it: Besides our regular updates and articles right here on this website (you’re reading one right now…  ), C4C also has an active Facebook presence.

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