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Now in Progress - C4C Online Auction for Painting of Renowned Israeli Artist, Benjamin Shiff!

A stunning exhibition of the popular artist’s pictures can be seen in the lobby of the Hilton until December the 16th. Highlighting the artist commitment to charity, one of his paintings, titled “Tranquility”, is also being auctioned off via an online auction for the benefit of Chance 4 Children (C4C) at: www.amaliemaurer.cz. Here’s your chance to acquire a valuable piece of art, while making at the same time a meaningful contribution to Chance 4 Children!

Kicked off yesterday under the auspices of the Israeli Embassy in the Prague Hilton Hotel, the opening of the exhibit at the Chez Luis function room attracted about 100 socialites and movers and shakers of Prague society. Introduced by the Prague Hilton General Manager, Michael Specking, and Daniel Megiddo, Diplomatic Envoy and Minister for the Israeli Embassy, the artist gave a short explanation of his style and technique and of his philosophy.

“I feel drawn to depict the loving side of nature in my pictures”, remarked the artist in his address. “Faces and expressions of people of faith have such serenity!”

This assertion is also reflected in the positive theme of the Hilton exhibition: “Love and Faith”.

Benjamin Shiff’s paintings hang in many private collections in Europe, the US and Israel and his exhibitions have covered the globe for decades. His work is highly acclaimed by many expert collectors the world over for its distinctive style - a blend of realistic figures with just a touch of cubism added. Shiff’s portrayal of motherhood in particular, is expressed with a special softness and tenderness and depicts his awe at this grand miracle of creation and life. To find out more, visit the artist’s website: www.shiffstudio.com .

Manfred Franke, C4C’s founder and current chairman, expressed on behalf of the C4C team his gratitude and appreciation for donating the proceeds of one of the artist’s paintings for the benefit of Chance 4 Children and the children it serves. “Benjamin, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generous gesture and for your commitment to charity”, said a visibly touched Franke at the end of the opening ceremony. The picture is expected to bring in a minimum of 2.500 Euro for the coffers of C4C.

Supported by the excellent catering of the Hilton and the special and kosher wines served, the event lingered on until late and was a noteworthy kickoff for the exhibition which is to last for one month.
Benjamin Shiff at Work
L. to R.: Ms & Mr Shiff, M. Specking (GM Hilton), D. Megiddo (Israel Diplomatic Envoy), M. Franke (C4C) - Online Auction Picture
Enjoying a Light Moment and Toasting To Success of Exhibit
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